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"Our Seven Step Lawn Program is designed to promote a thicker and heathier lawn ."

7 Step Lawn Care Program
(applied over three visits)

First Visit            

March / April Application:
Step 1 - Crabgrass Control
Step 2 - Fertilizer

Second Visit            

May / June Application:
Step 3 - Grub Control
Step 4 - Fertilizer
Step 5 - Weed Control

Third Visit      

August / September Application:
Step 6 - Weed Control
Step 7 - Fertilizer

Additional Service options:

(Lawn aeration involves the removal of small soil plugs or cores out of the lawn.  This increases water, nutrient and oxygen movement into the soil.)

Reasons to Aerate include:

- If lawn is heavily used, which causes the turf to thin or look unhealthy.
- The thatch layer is in excess of 1/2 inch.
- You have a heavy clay soil.
- To promote grow of new grass seed.

Overseeding Lawn:
("Overseeding" is the process in which grass seed is spread on top of the existing grass to promote new growth.)

Reasons to Overseed include:

- Promotes a thicker, healthier lawn
- New seedling compensate for the natural slow down in grasses production
- A thicker lawn presents weeds and promotes disease resistance.
- Overseeding is especially effective after Aeration.

Lime Application:
(Lime is applied to the soil of home lawns to increase the soil pH. Soil pH, a measure of the soil's acidity or alkalinity, can directly influence the vigor and quality of the home lawn.  A healthy pH level for lawn health is between 6.2 - 6.8 pH.)

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